The EBM Professional Services team specializes in content editing, copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript critiques for ALL document types.

Content Editing

Content Editing involves ensuring the general accuracy and consistency of content. It checks to make sure logic and ideas make sense. A document submitted for content editing will go through the following checklist: Does the work have a clear focus on one topic? Does the introduction grab interest and offer a clear purpose for reading? Are the facts accurate? Does the work follow a logical plan from beginning to end? Does the body of the work present well-ordered paragraphs of main ideas with relevant, supporting details? Does the conclusion leave readers feeling satisfied?


Copy Editing

Copyediting involves correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A document submitted for copyediting will receive suggestions to improve stylistic consistency. We will focus on sentence structure to improve readability, use of active vs. passive voice, proper word usage, clarity of meaning, subject/verb agreement, and overuse of words or phrases and redundancies.


If your document is already polished (it has been content edited and copyedited) and simply needs a final check, we will thoroughly review it to ensure correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

manuscript critique

Do you need an honest, unbiased critique of your manuscript? Our manuscript critique service is just what you need for your fiction or nonfiction work. An experienced editor will read and critique your manuscript. We will assess if your work is salable and analyze key elements such as plot, dialogue, structure, consistency, and organization.


You will receive an easy to follow, detailed critique of your manuscript that will highlight major issues to be addressed and suggestions to help you progress with your project.


Additional Services

We are experienced in editing the following:

completed Manuscript

(fiction or non-fiction)

Short Stories

website content/blogs


business letters


magazine/ newspaper


academic writings

technical manuals

press releases

sales and marketing


business proposals

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