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Are you looking for an experienced editor to sharpen and refine your manuscript, magazine article, business proposal, marketing material, technical manual, and other documents?





Our experienced editors can sharpen and refine ANY type of document. EBM Professional Services has an excellent reputation for quality and integrity. In busness since 2003, EBM Professional Services is committed to doing the best job possible at a fair price. Whether you're a novice writer, seasoned writer, student, or business owner, your written work will benefit greatly from our services.


Even the best writers need editors.


Your writing is important to you and you have spent countless hours perfecting your work. You have read it over hundreds of times and it sounds perfect to you. Then, you let a friend or coworker read it and he points out several minor mistakes. When it comes to writing, people often make lots of mistakes. Your work needs to be reviewed by a professional editor. Our editors have extensive experience in writing and editing. We are committed to doing the best job possible while maintaining your voice and style.


You don't believe us? Send us a portion of your writing (up to five pages) and we will do a FREE SAMPLE EDIT.

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